Mixtape / Listening session

Colomboscope / A Thausend Channels – Episode Five

2024 Sri Lanka – Berlin, Germany.

The mixtape is the outcome of a series of listening sessions held with Dandelions across Berlin, specifically in the neighborhoods of Neukölln and Kreuzberg during the summer of 2022. Throughout these sessions, a collection of texts, sounds, and emotions emerged, resonating in live performances and culminating in this mixtape. Afro-diasporic rhythms and elements of popular music are interwoven, serving as an invitation to ancestral spirits to join the space of listening and exchange crafted during these encounters.

In the midst of thinking of the process of ruination around the society we live in, the need to pause and attentively listen to the resilient, persistent and courageous nature of this plant within concrete jungles came to life. 

May your sonic journey throughout the Dandelions universe mediated by Amuleto Manuela be an invitation to tune in to the murmurs to the plants within and around. 


Dandelions in Neukölln and Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Texts created by Amuleto Manuela in the listening sessions

Adaptacion by Vudu Drums in Haiti

Baba Jindo by Olaptunji

Maria Teresa by Jovelina Perola Negra

Bosa Bongo by Yoruba Singers

Bullerengue Pa Vende by Ceferina Bánquez

Automovil Brillante by Conjunto los Alcones de Madrigal

Texts created by Amuleto Manuela in the listening sessions

Energia Bom Bom by Jorge Ben

Cantora, feat Nidia Góngora by Pambil

Texts created by Amuleto Manuela in the listening sessions

Lach by Celia Cruz

Oh happy day by Edwin Hawkin´s Singers

* Credit Images: Amuleto Manuela