Sound Sculpture / Live performance

Commission for the Brücke Museum / Part of the Expressionism Revisited symposium.

2023 Berlin, Germany.

MURMUR is a sound performance . It encourages the experience of a living archive, rewinding and listening back to counter narratives. Sonic sculptures were built up from the garden of the Brücke-Museum, moving towards the inside of the building. It poses the following questions: How can we listen to knowledge outside of the modern imperial narratives? And, in the process, how can we make the canon of modern and classical art more porous? How do we shift from the panoramic and universal perspective of modern art and move towards a practice of embracing a plurality of worlds listening to each other? In the task of re-envisioning and questioning what we understand as modern and classical art, listening and embodying through music, rhythm, and echos becomes a practice that opens gates to embark on this endeavor.

Cherrie Moraga
Bia Ferreira
Basa Basa
Inés Martínez
The wind

The wind
Cherrie Moraga
Monte, Truambi
Maya Angelou, Still I Rise
Gertrudis Bonilla, Chanecho Trompeta y los Brujos del Folklore, La Logia
Trinh T. Minh-ha
Fela Kuti
Babatunde Olatunji, Baba Jinde
The wind

* Credit Images: Kevin Gray