Río Sónico

Río Sónico

Sound walk / Sound Sculpture

Part of the project Desviarios / Detours / Kursabweichungen  curated by Paz Ponce.

2021 Berlin, Germany.

Río Sónico is A sound walk part of the project Desviarios / Detours / Kursabweichungen curated by Paz Ponce.

Every place in the planet has its own History but because of the colonial enterprise in some parts of the planet we have been obliged to see and to listen ourselves from the perspective of the colonizer. It is a daily practice and effort to decolonize our perspective towards ourselves and towards the places we come from. 

The Sonic River is an invitation to listen to the Magdalena river (Colombia) from a diasporic perspective that seeks for a decentralized and positional way of listening.

The Magdalena river flows into the Caribbean Sea and is born in the department of Huila. Manuela comes back to this river in her life as an immigrant in Berlin tracing the beginnings of Cumbia music with the help of the research of Mirjam Wirz and her book Sobre el Río (Passage). 

* Credit Image: Amuleto Manuela