Sonic Circle 

Sound Sculpture / Sound Installation / Live performance 

A commission for Transition Exhibition in Kunsthaus Dahlem – Brücke Museum. Curated by Paz Guevara.

2021 & 2022  Berlin, Germany.

Sonic Circle, 2021

Sonic Circle – Live Performance , 2022

05.03.2022 Activations II

Sonic Circle is a sound Installation and live performance commissioned for Transition Exhibition in Kunsthaus Dahlem – Brücke Museum. Curated by Paz Guevara

Sound of rites of passage and testimonies related to the collection, accessible via headphones. ‘Rites of passage’ is a composition by Isabel Martinez de Guzman

On layers of sounds of ‘rites of passage’, testimonies can be listened to. The testimonies reunite an array of voices that open up the context, function and ongoing life of the works of the collection. Amuleto Manuela’s Sonic Circle is inspired by the Circle of Words practiced by the Wiwa among other Colombian indigenous communities, in which the people sit together around the fire to listen to each other. It is a ritual of sharing in which feelings, ideas, reflections and stories circulate. 

The Sonic Circle follows this model of encounter, proposing to emphasize the communality of the space through a practice of remembering and listening. The ‘Rites of passage’ is a composition by Isabel Martinez de Guzman, from the community of San Onofre, Sucre in Colombia. It is a song of wake and farewell that offers to the works of the collection the transit into another state. Thus, the Sonic Circle intends to offer a passage, and welcome the works within some of the knowledge that was erased by the violence of colonization. By juxtaposing and focalizing testimonies from different subjects, the Sonic Circle seeks to open up a space for a “deep listening” and socialize ways of perceiving the collection as living beings with further connections -belonging to places, people and practices-, as well as part of the on-going contested space in which colonial collections are questioned. 

The testimonies have been compiled by Anna Brus as part of the Brücke Museum initiative towards a critical index and beginning of provenance research of the collection.

* Credit Image: Kevin Gray