Water DJ Set

Water DJ Set

Lecture Performance

Listening Biennial at Errant Sound. 

2021 Berlin, Germany.

Water dj set – Score

Agua Wasser Water Agua (delays)

When I moved to Germany apart of getting with me some objects I brought sounds and rhythms as well. 

I was not aware of it until I started asking myself a common question along immigrants ¿What is home? ¿When is home? One of the common answers was that I feel at home when I listen to certain music. 


(tocar una cumbia)

What is cumbia?

As in many things there are many answers. I will tell some.

Cumbia is a mix of cultures that were forced to live together. Cumbia is a rhythm that happened after violent encounters. 

Cumbia is dealing with encounters.

Gaita, the flute (an indigenous instrument)

Drums, rhythms and instruments that are the voice and the resistance of the enslaved people brought by force to South América.

Someone singing. Spanish. The imposed language. My mother tongue… 

Agua song


Cumbia was born in the magdalena river in Colombia. The different rhythms met along the river and there started what we called Cumbia. This kind of music continued its travels along the continent, traveled through the water and in every new stoped got renewed with its context. 

Popular music in Colombia was used to create an identity of the new nation, to try to unify the different cultures brought together in a violent way. 


Water song


In this moment all our bodies are being affected by the sound I am playing. We are a big amount of water and this water gets affected and changes form with every different sound.

We are part of the same body. Water.

How to be able to listen to “the other”? Maybe I asked myself this question because I am many others. An indígena, an african ancestor, a conqueror…. A mestiza.

Agua song


When we listen a song we feel and embody someone’s else feelings, stories, voices. It actually goes inside our bodies, resonates…. We can travel time and space.

Maybe sometimes we are listening and we are not aware of it….

Water embraces, carries, transforms, echos rhythms, voices…. If we deeply listen everything is there. We all are this element. The planet, the animals, the plants…. It connects us and also separate us…. 

Water as transport where rhythms and cultures meet and are transformed.

We all are carriers of sounds, we transform them and transform the space we inhabit with them.

Water, Rhythms, Echoes, Memories, Time

* Credit Image: Amuleto Manuela